Thought Leadership

Using the Walk Away Strategy…to Win?

Sneak Preview from UnSelling: Sell Less to Win More. What if you could use the walk away strategy to actually win deals? By politely confronting the prospect to allow you access to key information in order to develop a credible and relevant solution.

UnSelling – Episode #3

Diving deeper into the UnSelling concept, this short blog entry is a must watch for all client service-oriented professionals. Are you treating your clients in a way that leaves them wanting more? Take a lesson from Patrick Lencioni!

whiplash effect

“Whiplash” Questions

We don’t hope that bad news won’t come up, we proactively ensure that it does. That’s selling suicide, isn’t it?! That’s why I call it a whiplash statement – it is intended to be provocative. If you were with another sales team member when you made this statement their head would snap your way (hence the reason we call it a “whiplash” question) with a look that says, “What in the world are you saying that for?!”

Honesty in Partnerships

But the Truth Hurts…

Are you sensing an underlying theme in many of these UnSelling strategies?  I hope the theme that’s obvious is that above all else, our clients deserve the truth.  Even if it’s hard for us to admit the truth.  Even if it’s not what they want to hear.  Even if the truth is likely to hurt […]