Better Way to Win

Peter Bourke Better Way to Win

Better Way Sales Strategies will work with your sales teams on your most critical sales opportunities. We will provide deal reviews, deal coaching, and follow up to ensure you win the deals you can’t afford to lose.

As part of our program, we will teach your sales team how to establish winning strategies and tactics and then work with them throughout the selling process to successfully close the opportunity.

We’re so sure that they’ll succeed — we’ll put our fees at risk!

Your team will quickly learn to:

  • Qualify and review your critical sales opportunities to ensure that you can win the business
  • Identify and gain access to key client stakeholders, understand their priorities and pains, and explain how your solution can help them
  • Understand and influence the client’s buying and evaluation process to create a competitive advantage
  • Identify your competitor’s strategies and tactics to proactively position and differentiate your solution — while exposing your competitor’s weaknesses
  • Understand the keys to opportunity strategy and transfer this knowledge to your sales team so they can apply these concepts to other opportunities
  • Gain the votes of key decision makers in the selling process.

With our deal coaching, and follow-up, you can learn how to win the critical sales opportunities that you, and your sales team, can’t afford to lose.