Better Way to Know the Truth

Better Way to Know the Truth Peter Bourke

Better Way Sales Strategies provides a third party perspective to determine the true reasons you win and lose your most strategic opportunity pursuits. We interview the sales team and then conduct face-to-face interviews with several client executives who were involved in the evaluation to get the real insight on the client’s decision. Ultimately, our goal is to help your organization to know the truth and to develop strategies and tactics to minimize the reasons you lose on subsequent sales pursuits and capitalize on what’s working. You’ll be surprised by how much the client will tell us versus what they tell your sales team.

You’ll learn:

  • Why you won or lost – from the client’s feedback along multiple dimensions: product/solution, price, company, and risks, among others
  • The most important criteria used by the client in the evaluation
  • How the client views your capabilities and performance relative to your competitors
  • How to protect your major account relationships where losses occur
  • What opportunities may exist within this client in the future
  • The strategies and tactics of your competitors and how to defeat them in subsequent opportunities
  • How to more effectively change your sales process to improve your probability of winning in future pursuits.