Territory Management…All Clients, and Opportunities, Are Not Created Equal!

Peter Bourke Better Way Sales Strategies

Why are sales people reactive to client demand/opportunities – instead of proactive in creating demand?

  • Do your sales reps know where their business is likely to come from this year?
  • Are they spending their time on the right accounts? And on the right opportunities?

These are the questions Peter Bourke will address in this engaging presentation designed to make your sales reps and managers think in a new and different way. We’ll explore:

  • Reasons why sales people don’t have a plan for making their objectives
  • Techniques for becoming far more proactive in our sales activities, instead of reacting to client’s demands of our time and resources
  • Help your sales teams understand the optimum approach to territory management – that allows you to maximize sales and delight your most strategic clients

Territory management is a lost art and may be the key success factor in helping your sales team to achieve the growth objectives – this year!

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