The Narrow Line Between Winning and Losing Strategic Opportunities

Peter Bourke Better Way Sales Strategies

Too many sales organizations have mistaken beliefs about what makes the difference between winning and losing large, strategic pursuits. They often believe that the best product or solution determines the winner…and it doesn’t. In fact, here’s the cold, harsh reality:

  • The “best” solution loses most of the time
  • RFP’s are not designed to choose the best provider
  • The prospect who decides to “Do nothing” is often your biggest competitor
  • Your prospects are motivated to mislead your sales team
  • A strong ROI/business case is never enough to win

How do I know? I’ve had the unique opportunity to lead worldwide sales and account management at organizations large and small – including global organizations like Accenture. I’ve spent much of the last 10 years coaching, consulting and training some of the largest high-tech, consulting, and outsourcing organizations in North America on these topics. And, for more than a decade I’ve conducted face-to-face executive client interviews to de-brief both wins and losses on behalf of my clients – all with the goal of truly understanding the dynamics of the buying and selling process and with the goal of bringing the knowledge and strategies to organizations who can most benefit.

If your sales pursuits are large, long, strategic (and expensive) – Peter can share his unique perspective on:

  • What it takes to qualify these opportunities – and focus on the ones that matter
  • How your team can win the deals you can’t afford to lose
  • Understand the truth about why organizations lose – and it’s almost never related to the price of your solution
  • The most common pitfall of all – an absence of strategy

Peter’s presentation will challenge your team’s paradigms, educate them on the do’s and dont’s, and encourage them to learn from his invaluable lessons – from the school of hard knocks and real-life client pursuits and engagements.

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