Better Way to Develop Key Accounts

Peter Bourke Better Way to Develop Key Accounts
If your organization is disappointed with the growth in your largest, most strategic accounts, we work with your most important account teams to develop key accounts using goals, strategies, and tactics to capitalize on these account opportunities by understanding your client’s business, helping your team target and develop key relationships, and uncovering the best opportunities to pursue and win for your business.

Target & Develop Key Accounts and Sales Opportunities

You can expect:

  • A more thorough understanding of your client and the potential that exists to grow (or protect) your relationship with this client
  • To develop the strategies and tactics to nurture and grow your relationships and opportunities within this account
  • To begin a disciplined process that can be sustained over time in order to best sell and serve these strategic clients
  • A “best practice” approach to account management for the benefit of your other account teams