Better Way Sales Strategies Win new business with a better strategy
Better Way Sales Strategies Learn the truth about why you win or lose deals
Better Way Sales Strategies Defeat the competition by equipping your sales team
Better Way Sales Strategies Maximize growth of your most strategic customers

Better Way Sales Strategies is your answer to surviving and thriving in this challenging economy by using a proven deal coaching strategy, win/loss reviews, competitive sales strategies, and unique account development strategies.

Peter Bourke's speaking and professional sales programs can show you how to win the deals you can't afford to lose. Peter combines his facilitation and leadership skills with decades of sales, account management, and executive experience to deliver competitive business strategies that can grow your sales.

Peter has several programs that will challenge your sales team and help them to quickly and consistently achieve results.

About Better Way Strategies

Better Way Sales Strategies was founded in 2007 to teach sales, marketing, and leadership skills from the professional services and tech industries.

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Motivate & Challenge Your Team

Educate and challenge your sales and business development professionals with key success factors in winning large, complex opportunities and accounts.

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Thought Leadership

Empower yourself with proven strategies that educate and motivate. Better Way Sales Strategies welcomes you to browse through our Thought Leadership library.

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