Thought Leadership

Stop Selling!…..and Sell More

When you walk into a clothing store and a sales associate walks (er, runs!) over to you and asks, “May I help you?” What’s your answer nearly every time? “No thanks, just looking?” You see, even if you actually do need help, your first reaction is “no” because you don’t want to be sold to.

Taking Every Sales Opportunity, to Death

So I asked him how he liked it and why he left it. His answer was fascinating. He proceeded to explain that there are very specific techniques required to be successful in selling “plots”. An example: a great cemetery plot salesperson will make note when someone has died and has left a widow behind. They have learned that the widow will usually get a life insurance settlement approximately 60 days after the burial of the their spouse and that is the perfect time to follow up with the widow – when they have money available and have begun to deal with the grief associated with the loss.

How not to sell to women

How Not to Sell to a Woman

Then it happened – his words: “This camera is also perfect for ladies!” he exclaims. Which, as you might imagine made us both very curious – Is that because it is small and fits the woman’s hand better? Is it because it is the right color (silver) and more popular with women? Or, what made it “perfect” for women – so we asked him.


First-Line Sales Managers: Make it or Break it

I’d contend that first-line sales managers are the key success factor in achieving sales results. Great sales managers will hire the stars, they’ll fire the dogs, and they’ll manage the team in such a way that the talent is well-developed and the results are attained – consistently!