Thought Leadership

UnSelling ™ – Straight out of the Consultant’s Playbook

While at Accenture I recall being struck by how infrequently great consultants actually “sell” in the traditional sense of the word. Did you happen to notice that “close” or “sell” isn’t listed above? The reason: when done well, consulting doesn’t require a lot of pressure or slick sales-oriented tactics – because we build enough credibility and trust to make these techniques unnecessary.

Are You a Go-Getter or a Go-Giver?

This topic is all about helping sales (and non-sales) people to realize that winning new business is not about selling (or “telling”) more aggressively. It’s about changing the nature of the relationship between buyer and seller to one of collaboration.

HBR says: “Relationship Selling is Dead”

It seems unimaginable that a respectable resource like the Harvard Business Review could possibly argue that relationship selling is dead. After all, haven’t sales experts since the dawn of man told us that relationships are everything – i.e. people buy from people they like.