UnSelling™ Makes Cold Calling Bearable

Even for the “seasoned, scarred” sales veteran

Why do so many sales people deplore the act of cold calling for new prospects?  Because it’s hard work?  Because they tend to face so much rejection in the process?  Because they’ve never been trained to do it well?  The answer may be, “all of the above.”

UnSelling™ may provide help!  If you’ve read my free eBook on this topic (see below for the link) you know that the approach is designed to change the nature of the relationship between buyer and seller.  The aim is to make the buyer more receptive because they don’t feel like they’re being sold.  Let’s contrast below a few cold calling statements based on two diametrically opposed approaches:

The Classic “Selling” Approach to Cold Calling: The UnSelling Approach to Cold Calling:
“I have a product/solution that will fit your needs” (Note: How do you know it will? Presumptive at a minimum.) “I have a product/solution that may fit your needs and if you’ll allow me to ask a few brief questions about your current provider I can help you determine if it’s even worth evaluating”
“May I get 30 minutes of your time to tell you more about my solution?” (Note: Makes it sound like it’s all about us and our product, not about the prospect) “May I get 30 minutes of your time to update you on recent product developments that will help you know what options exist for you in the future?”
“Tell me about your “stay awake” issues?” (Note: We act as though we have even remotely earned the right to have them confess their deep, dark issues and challenges) “Before I take any of your valuable time “telling” you about our solution that may or may not be helpful to you, would you help me understand what you have today and how it’s working so that I can help determine if my solution is even beneficial?”


Did you pick up the common themes in these brief UnSelling™ examples in the right hand column?  Here’s a few:

  • These approaches aim to help the client understand that we are not a “hammer looking for a nail” in search of any client who must be a nail (of some sort)
  • The orientation is all about the client (or prospect) – “I’d appreciate your time to help you determine….”
  • When we are open and honest about the notion that our solution may not be the right fit it encourages the prospect to drop the defenses they typically put up when they feel as though they are being “sold”

Try out the UnSelling™ Approach.  If you are in the business of generating demand and getting appointments with potential prospects, try crafting your words differently to make the prospect feel less threatened that they are being “sold” and far more comfortable with having a collaborative discussion with you to evaluate the options and implications of their potential solution options.   

You can  download a free copy of Peter Bourke’s newly published eBook UnSelling™: Sell Less … To Win More. The free eBook is available in several formats, including Kindle, Nook, iBook, PDF, and more.

This topic is all about helping sales (and non-sales) people to realize that winning new business is not about selling (or “telling”) more aggressively.  It’s about changing the nature of the relationship between buyer and seller to one of trust and collaboration.

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