Can UnSelling™ work for a job search?

The short answer: “Yes!”

I’ve been asked a few times recently whether the UnSelling concepts can be applied to someone’s job search?  Does the logic still hold that the less you sell, the more easily you can “win” a new job?

Let’s explore a couple of examples of how this can be applied (you can find more details in the free eBook:  download a free copy )

As is often the case in a classic selling environment, the more desperate we seem to get the sale (or new job), the less attractive we tend to be to the buyer (or potential employer).  A desperate job seeker seems to press too hard, follow up too often, and usually makes it obvious to the hiring manager that they “need” this job soon!

In contrast, a confident, capable job seeker who is not desperate for this job can use some UnSelling™ tactics and statements that demonstrate their confidence and lack of desperation:

  • They don’t even ask a prospective employer whether they have a job opening because it most often doesn’t matter.  In fact, if they have an opening (and have posted it on the major job boards) there are likely hundreds of other job seekers already sending in their resumes.  Alternatively, you want a meeting with a hiring manager even when they have no openings (or perhaps especially when they have no openings).  The reason: you want to have a business discussion with the hiring manager where you also seek their advice and counsel.  The premise here is that in this discussion you want them to fall in love with your skills, attitude, etc. and if/when they do they will find an opening where none exists today.
  • Using provocative point of view statements (Strategy # 2):  if you’ve done your homework on the prospective employer/company you are in a position to share some points-of-view that demonstrate your knowledge and your perspectives/recommendations
  • Asking “whiplash” questions (Strategy # 4):  have you ever thought about asking the hiring manager the “edgy” question, “What part of my experience made you interested in having me come in for this interview?”  Your first reaction to this question might be – that’s crazy!  Why would I say that?  When you learn about the power of these whiplash questions you’ll see that they can actually create a more honest dialogue between you and the hiring manager and may even help you qualify whether this opportunity is a good fit for your skills

I’ll provide more examples of how UnSelling™ can be used in the job search process in our next blog installment.  In them meantime, I look forward to your feedback

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This topic is all about helping sales (and non-sales) people to realize that winning new business is not about selling (or “telling”) more aggressively.  It’s about changing the nature of the relationship between buyer and seller to one of collaboration.

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