Deal Coaching Is A Lost Art

Deal Coaching is a Lost Art by Peter BourkeEffective deal coaching is a lost art. Many VP’s of Sales know they’re not winning their fair share of new business and are frustrated because they can’t put their finger on the root cause(s).

In the 15 years since Peter Bourke left Accenture to join The Complex Sale he has worked with dozens of companies who are intent on improving their sales effectiveness. With few exceptions, the key determinant of success in these initiatives is most closely correlated with a sales organization’s commitment to effective and efficient opportunity (“deal”) strategy and coaching. Effective deal coaching and strategies might be the biggest antidote to the challenge.

It’s harder than you might guess to find a sales team that does a great job of deal coaching. This reality is illogical at best and derelict at worst! Isn’t this what sales managers are paid to do? Is there a better use of their available time? Is deal strategy that difficult to implement and sustain? These questions and some relevant recommendations are targeted in this ebook.

Take 30 minutes to read Deal Coaching Is A Lost Art and find the keys to solving this gap in your organization!

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